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JIA Illustration Award
Japan Illustrators' Association
優秀賞 Excellent Prize
the best character design for licensing award of Hong Kong Licensing Awards 2017 Top5
the Top 20 Outstanding Cross Industry Matching Showcase  Designer Award
Exhibit (Kobe Japan, Malaysia, Taoyuan Taiwan )

Clayton Chau - 榮藝術工作室創辦人之一、香港插畫師協會會員、日本插畫師協會會員。現為全職插畫師並曾從事設計及藝術工作多年,曾參與電影和電視廣告佈景工作、舞台制作及各種商場裝飾設計和制作等。現在與Wing Lo共同創作lolohoihoi 故事、畫作和各類制作、是lolohoihoi的主筆、香港動畫及視覺特效學院savfx講師、也承接各類插畫、展覽設計及商埸節日裝飾設計。
Clayton - Co-founder of Wing Art Workshop. Mr Clayton Chau is now a full time illustrator and has been work in design and art industry for many years. He has participated in film and TV setting, theatre production and shopping mall decoration. He is co-operating with Wing Lo to create the story, illustration and other creative work for Lolohoihoi and lecturer of SAVFX (HK School of Animation and VFX).


boat-both of the art & toys exhibition
Toysoul 2016
TokyoDesignFesta 2017
lolohoihoi 忙忙忙•忘記了 Busy Forgotten Exhibition

粵港澳•畫時代——粵港澳區灣區插畫協會會員作品展 2018
lolohoihoi x Cafedream on - Exhibition
原圈香港原創only -  at D2place

HKSI【將軍澳廣場】 現場人像速畫

Together We Build Mega Pallet Maze, at 中環夏誌 Central Harbourfront SummerFest. Icon Character Design

YMCA LifeMart
lolohoihoi at 香港路德會社會服務處 HKBOX

香港路德會社會服務處 HKBOX mini Exhibition

lolohoihoi at Design Gallery
SerafinoZani International Limited illustration


榮藝術工作室由兩位擁有創作及藝術經驗的設計師創立成立於2015,Clayton.Chau Wing lo 共同設計了lolohoihoi 系列及Wing lo itchyhands系列。

WING ART WORKSHOP was established 2015 by 2 designers who have creative and arts experience. Clayton.Chau and Wing lo created lolohoihoi series and Itchyhands series by Wing Lo.






This is a story that would like to bring you message about love, sharing and reminiscing.

Everyone has peace and sharing in his heart, and hoping for sharing all happiness to everyone.

They have pure heats with sunshine and respectful. A positive attitude that can purify every single unhappy thing.

We want to give you a message that is simple to be happy. You dont need to prejudice. Treating people sincerely and cherishing our beautiful world.




aubergine story ( lolo Hoihoi) 圍繞Lolo(路路)及Hoihoi(海海)的生活趣事而發展的故事。現在生活上每日也遇到很多苦事,希望Lolo她們的趣事令大家來一點輕鬆而重拾愉快的心情。而都市的生活在品德教養禮貌方面也有一些事被淡忘了,Lolo的故事也希望帶給大家一些信息和感受令大家回味。開心互愛的,就是Lolo 及Hoihoi.。 很喜歡間單開心生活,因為人很複雜;簡單難能可貴容易被人遺忘,間單令我更直接地感到快樂。


The story is about the daily life of two girls that everyone may encounter. In fact we have so many memories especially about our travelling experience. Id like to draw it out at the lolohoihois story, and let lolo share what lifes about. Lolo was born having an aubergine-like face, has a blessed, happy and tricky life. Hoihoi is a blessed mandarin with a kind heart.

Aubergine story (lolo / 路路, hoi hoi / 海海) is about their interesting life. We often face difficulties in our life and we hope they can make you recall about something happy in your life. Meanwhile, moral and courtesy education is fading out in metropolitan. The story of Lolo would like to bring you a message and feelings to your memories. Mutual love and happiness are Lolo and Hoihoi. They like the simple life because of the complicated humanity. Simple is precious but is easily forgotten. It directly makes me happy.

PS:榮藝術工作室除了有lolohoihoi之外,還有拍檔(winglo)的一個品牌 : itchyhands

PS: Other than Lolohoihoi by Wing Art Workshop, its partner Winglo also owns her brand ITCHYHAND. Check it out!


We  are lolo and hoihoi :) !