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Leo Cheung

Leo Cheung, who has devoted more than a decade to the world of design, is a creative illustrator and innovative designer in Hong Kong. In addition to his specialism in branding, identities and packaging, Leo is skillful at incorporating illustrations into his design, creating tailor-made and unique products which not only cater to his customers of all stripes but also exceed their expectations. Having a strong sense of design and a discerning eye for art, Leo worked with local and overseas customers from various industries and completed a number of artwork projects for them.

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"Little Fatty", a locally designed character, is a childlike fatty. With a curious mind, he is keen on adventures, during which he has intriguing encounters with different styles.
Bright, colourful and splashy, the style hopes to give busy citizens an impression filled with positive hopes and revive their childhood memories.

「肥仔包」是本地原創角色,是一個長不大的胖男孩,以充滿好奇的心去探險,過程中會以不同造型經歷不同的奇遇。 創作風格偏向鮮艷、繽紛、奪目,希望給予忙碌的都市人一份陽光及正面的感覺,令他們重拾昔日的童真。

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The 3rd Greater China Illustration Awards-
Certificate of excellence-
The tree of graduation (partial)

The 3rd Greater China Illustration Awards-
Certificate of excellence-
Discovery of the repairman (partial)

"2017 Taoyuan Illustration Exhibition"@ Jan~Mar, 2017
joined "香港電台 RTHK- 創作空間-純粹繪作"@ Sep, 2015
published in "Like magazine #ISSUE 079"@ Jun, 2015