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Dreamergo, born and raised in Hong Kong, has been an illustrator for over 30 years.  With a small but visionary pair of eyes, he has been observing the world and drawing since he was three years old.  His vivid drawings express love with passion and vision.  He has worked as a book designer for many famous writers, including Kuang Ni, Benny Li, Erica Lee, Ah Nong, and Tin Hong.In recent years, he has been invited to work with a number of corporate partners such as Giordano, IKEA, Fortune Pharmacal and others to create soul-inspired products with a mission to touch people's hearts and heal the human soul.In 2010, he created drawings for the Hong Kong Post on the theme of "Hong Kong Streets", and also started the global licensing of his illustration projects that year.  In 2012, the PMA Music Foundation invited him to do improvised drawings during a performance of the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong.  In 2013, he started his daily column "Dream Journey" in the Sky Post and illustrated for the "Give Me a Hug" series.  Recently, he was invited to draw for the Incheon 2014 Asian Para Games. His work was showed case in the "Dare to Dream" exhibit.Dreamergo is often invited to speak to teenagers in schools, to share his experience as an illustrator, and to teach them illustration skills.  In each of his sharing sessions, he seizes every opportunity to encourage teenagers to pursue their own dreams.