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Delivering positive thinking is always the wish of Jan Koon. She pursed this by becoming a social worker for 10 years. And then she discovered that creative drawing is a better way to disseminate positive thinking and energy. After taking the course of multimedia design, she became an illustrator and set up her own design company. Jan’s works are always rich in color and full of lovely characters so as to deliver meaningful messages.

Jan Koon Illustration which provides design services including illustration, graphic design, character design and licensing. Her recent series of characters - Dreamgirl & boy which represent “Love”. One can feel her works are always filling with the caring for both the people and the environment. Dreamgirl & boy have their own-brand products and have the experiences to cooperate with some brandings.

She has won the excellence award from the Greater China Illustration Competition (The Best Illustration: Self – Initiation & For Sale). This year, she become the winner of 17th Tao Heung Innovative Entrepreneur Award and become the memeber of Innovative Entrepreneur Association(IEA).