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Man Bunn

Man Bunn (文本) is an illustrator & graphic designer in Hong Kong. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Design from The University of New South Wales, Australia. Later, she obtained Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts and MA in Philosophy from Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Her works explore the relationship between man and the world. The medium includes painting, illustration, text, animation, etc. In 2016, her first picture book 《歲月飄流───讀一封未來給自己的信》was published by Gezi Workstation (格子盒作室).

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An illustration series 「一人劇場:存在的哲學」published in 《CUP媒體》 ( Sept 2016 ~ )

Picture Book :《歲月飄流───讀一封未來給自己的信》 2016


illuBase Illustrator Award, Taiwan -  Special Award   2016

Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards - Picture Book :《歲月飄流》 2017

Selected to "Asia Illustrations Annual Awards  2018"


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