Associate Member

Natalie Hui

Specialized in: Educational / Cultural / Social Advocacy driven projects

Natalie Hui is an illustrator from Canada currently based in Hong Kong. Her paintings are characterized by a cast of colourful characters and nostalgia. The ability to observe and draw minute details of everyday objects and scenes are particularly unique to her illustrations. She wants people to appreciate the immense variety of colours that surround them. 

Currently, she is focusing on children's publishing and educational materials. In particular, she is working on a children's travel picturebook to be released late 2019 and a series of learning aids with a children's publisher. She is also collaborating with a centre for special needs youth to create an illustrated journal for kids with autism as a tool used in conjunction with therapy sessions for self-discovery. She has collaborated with schools, institutions and playgroups to provide key illustrations for their youth programs. 

She has experience creating large scale illustrations for public events/venues and building a visual story for social advocacy and cultural campaigns at the corporate, NGO and government level. 

At the end of 2018, she successfully launched 2 self-published books with positive reception. "Hong Kong Travelogue" is a curated collection of 2 years worth of artwork and written observations celebrating the cultural and historical significance of nostalgic streetscapes. "How to Find Yourself" is a mindfulness journal that inspires and motivates through uplifting artwork and prompted reflections.