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Sheung Wong

Sheung Wong is an illustrator, artist in Hong Kong.


She was raised in Hong Kong. In 2011, she was graduated with a bachelor degree in oil painting in The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts(GAFA). Later in 2014, the passion for Art had led her to attain a master degree in Printmaking in GAFA.


Currently, Sheung is an illustrator and a part-time Art tutor. Having been illustrating for quite a number of publishers for more than 4 years, she is experienced. She is especially skilled in drawing for children’s books.


In 2007 and 2008, Sheung illustrated for a lot of famous story books of Sun Ya Publications, such as 《阿濃兒童文學作品精選集》, which was a collection of literary works of a famous local writer A Nong. “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, “Little Red Riding Hood” of Sun Ya Publications were also illustrated by her.


She loves designing lovely characters including animals, but she is keen on drawing for fashion brands. Her style of drawing tends to be European. She usually uses printmaking, pencil. and chalk texture in Photoshop to create hand-drawn style!