Busy Forgotten Exhibition
12/08/2017 - 20/08/2017

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Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/499097830433477/?ti=cl

'Cos of rushing then we forget. But what did we forget?

Everyone has to be rush around in life. But do you think of stopping for a while and think about what life is? “Busy • Forgotten…" is brought to you by Lolo & Hoihoi with positive thinking and laughter, taking you to re-discover those good things you forgot.

Each Hong Kong person lives in an extremely rushed metropolitan. They have their own reason to be rushed on different things. People seem to forget what good life is and what to hold on to. It happens because we forget. Forget our family, friendship, courtesy and respect. Forget our lovely pet, our love and every important thing.

Two Hong Kong illustrator Wing & Clayton would like to take you into the simple, full of positive energy and a happy world by their exhibition "Busy • Forgotten...". They hope everyone can enjoy, feel and recall all sweet things in your life.

Busy • Forgotten Exhibition Address:2/F, 204 Prince Edward Road West

Date:12 Aug,2017 to 20 Aug,2017

Time:Monday to Sunday (2:00pm to 9:30pm)

Inquire:2715 0866