Professional Member

Cathy Hung

About Cathy Hung

Cathy Hung, a professional member of the Hong Kong Society of Illustration, showcases an abundance of experience in illustration and design. Since 2019, Cathy has been the driving force behind her illustration brand, "sola sofa." The name "sola" draws inspiration from the English word "solar," symbolizing the brand’s sunny and optimistic approach to life. "Sofa" represents a cozy and inviting space where art comes to life. We believe that maintaining a relaxed mindset allows us to discover the beauty in the ordinary moments of life. Through cheerful hand-drawn illustrations and paper products, her mission is to infuse happiness into the lives of those who appreciate the charm of handmade art.

Illustration Style: Cute, Soothing
Target Audience: Children, Families, Women
Artistic Techniques: Watercolor, Colored Pencils, Digital Drawing


  • Mall Decorations
  • Brand Crossover
  • Illustration


Projects / Collaborations

  • 2019-01 Elfie Custom by sola sofa (Charity Fundraising Event on Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2019)
  • 2019-05Crecra x The Commercial Press - Design District Hong Kong
  • 2019-07Yellow Bus Children Magazine Cover Illustration
  • 2019-07sola sofa x E-print Paper Cup Illustration
  • 2020-06sola sofa T-shirt was launched at上身appabody online shop
  • 2021-06Hong Kong Single Parents Association Flag Day 2021

Exhibitions / Fairs

  • 2019-01 Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2019
  • 2019-03 illusfairHK 2019 (Hong Kong Illustration Fair)
  • 2019-072019 Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong Joint Exhibition “Memory Traveler”
  • 2019-12:奇幻星球市集
  • 2020-11:「給我一點。2Hong Kong Original Zine Exchange Exhibition x Hong Kong Washi Tape Market
  • 2020-11The Hong Kong Illustration and Creative Show 2020
  • 2021-03illusfairHK 2 (Hong Kong Illustration Fair 2)
  • 2021-04MTO17 (Hong Kong Washi Tape Market)


  • 2019-04 : Infinity Creativity Design Competition – Merit Awards organized by Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong
  • 2019-05 : 2019 Asia Artist Collections Certificate of Honorable Mention organized by Asia Illustration Society