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Hello, everyone! I am Asako, an illustrator, from Hong Kong. Different styles of the illustrations Using watercolor to draw the life Miniature painting to savor life's small moments Are you ready to join the world of stationary addiction? You are welcome to join us!

I am a stationary enthusiast who likes to collect paper goods and stickers; it's one of the reasons why I love to draw. Under the influence of a penpal, I was introduced to the world of stationary addiction. I started developing a habit of writing in a journal and soon became deeply fascinated with various kinds of washi tape and stickers simply because "I liked them". From that time on, I began to record the little bits and pieces of my life with watercolors. As a mini enthusiast, I also enjoy drawing miniature illustrations and creating imaginative digital artworks brand : "Premium Picketing Team (PPT)". I hope you will enjoy my work and add more colors to your journal!