Professional Member

AU YEUNG Chun Hay (PureHay)

Au-Yeung Chun Hay, chairman of  The Hong Kong Society of Illustrators, has around 14 years working experience in CG domain such as animation, game and graphic design.  Also have teaching experience in vocational training center. My objectives are providing preproduction services such as Concept art, design, and CG illustration etc. 
- Concept Art
- Robot Design
- Environmental concept

Exhibion and interview:
- Pure Studio 接受 NowTV 財經台訪問 有關AR插畫技術
- Pure Studio 品牌《龐城》接受《號外》City Magazine 訪問
- 商業電台 903 《你好嘢》 銀微子口罩插畫聯乘訪問
- RTHK 《多媒體科技大講堂》電繪訪問
- 經濟日報- HKET 品牌《大包心靈咭》訪問
- Exhibition in Gift Walk 創品薈, 2016
- Interview of CG life from CG Visual, 2016
- Recognition on APPortfolio(亞洲青年創作平台) 2011
- The Interview in Now TV, Monster Character Design of Fluid 2008

- 日本イラストレーター協会 - Japan Illustrator's  Association, Award of 《Year of Illustrator 2021》
- 32屆香港印製大獎2021 - 作品《無盡攻殿之華麗八旗陣》獲創意產品 - 金獎
- 32屆香港印製大獎2021 - 作品《茶記回憶錄》獲宣傳品印刷 - 金獎
- 2022 Asian Print Awards - 作品《無盡攻殿之華麗八旗陣》- Silver Awards
- 日本イラストレーター協会 - Japan Illustrator's  Association,  illustration, Sliver Award 2021
- 日本イラストレーター協会 - Japan Illustrator's  Association,  illustration, bronze Award 2020
- Recognition of Infected By Art 8, international illustration book
- Grand Prize, Corel Asia-Pacific, Digital Art Competition 2010 
- Champion on Character Design of Fluid Friction comic company ltd.
- Ballistic choice, The CG art piece "Rest in peace" & "Neo Air force"were published in (EXPOSE 11), an international illustration book.
- Ballistic choice, The piece (Shining Castle) was published in (EXOTIQUE 6), an international illustration book
- Champion of Character Design (Robot) competition of CG Visual 2008

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