Associate Member

Annette Liu (Ant) / illumeowsion

Slasher - illustrator / radio traffic news reporter / Cantonese dubbing artiste

ILLUMEOWSION is the combination of “illusion” and “meow”. Artwork creates a sense of illusion about cats. Cats are the key character of artworks. Fine tip markers are used in cat drawing with watercolor technique. Dotwork drawing which is the main technique used is in line with zentangle. When drawing dots repeatedly, I can unlock relaxation and regain focus.

Local event
2016-2024 participated in more than 40 events organised by
LIFE MART、Comic World Taiwan、Rainbow Gala、Masking Tape Only、HKFYG、Dreamcatcher market、White market、illusfairHK、A.N.D event、HKICS、Figurecross、KOLOR Fest、Marketoo、JCCAC、Biugorbiumui

Out-of-town event
2023 Tokyo Design Festa Vol.57
2019 Taiwan Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Business project
2022 Uveitisefellows、SiLENN 
2021 Hong Kong restaurant 膳心小館 - Mooncake package design
2019 illustration and cover design of 《假如你明天就要踏上教育的旅途》