Professional Member

文盈 Oh.Mankee

Product Designer | Illustrator
Graduated in Product and Industrial Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has many years of experience in children's picture books and gift and premium design. “Oh, Mankee Studio” was established in 2021. She has aspirations to create more infectious works, delivering joy to the world like kapok, bringing some sweetness and warmth to the people around us.

IP Story:

The flying cat, HOKO, gets its name from the abbreviation of HOng KOng and was born on April's "Kapok Day"! HOKO has a brave and righteous personality, just like the cotton flower, and always carries a sense of justice. One day, while HOKO was in the forest, he encountered a group of cotton fairies. They gathered around HOKO's waist and bestowed upon him the magical power of flight! Since then, HOKO rides his cotton cloud every day, helping friends who are in distress. If you look up at the sky, you might catch a glimpse of the flying cat. 

LIMITS Asian Championship 2022 Grand Final - Champion 
LIMITS Asian Championship 2022 Hong Kong Region -Champion